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Advanced Rough Terrain Forklift For Construction

This course covers the safe operation of the most common type of fork lift in use on construction sites today, the variable reach, rough terrain lift truck. In this course we will cover inspection criteria, operational characteristics, handling and placing loads, the stability of the lift, fueling, general safety rules and driver evaluations. This course is intended for fork truck operators, supervisors, managers and safety personnel. Employer must provide hands-on training and certificate of completion. Forklift Performance Test Form included in course. 90 minutes.

Include: Certificate of Completion
Duration: 1 Hoursand 30 Minutes
Language: English
Level: Certificate

The Advanced Rough Terrain Forklift for Construction online course from OSHA Education School is a certification-prep course designed to prepare participants for their C4 Forklift Operation Certificate. Participants can expect in-depth instruction regarding the operation of forklifts on rougher than normal work terrain. The course focuses on maintaining forklift stability and handling, as well as how to properly lift loads. Additionally, participants will learn general safety rules, proper inspection criteria, and the safe fueling of forklifts. NOTICE: To receive your C4 Forklift Operation Certificate, you must take and pass the performance evaluation administered by your employer at your jobsite. OSHA Education School’s Advanced Rough Terrain Forklift for Construction online course is a certificate-level course designed to teach participants about forklift safety. Participants should be prepared to discuss the operational parts of the rough terrain lift, the center of gravity (lift and load, and stability characteristics (pyramid). Specific course topics include the following: Inspection criteria Operational characteristics Handling and placing loads Stability Fueling General safety rules Driver evaluations Specific industry terms discussed throughout the duration of the course include the following: Forklift truck Fork truck Handling loads Placing loads Lift stability Inspection criteria C4 Forklift Hazards

Who Needs Advanced Rough Terrain Forklift For Construction?

The Advanced Rough Terrain Forklift for Construction online course is designed for those on the construction worksite in charge of following applicable job site safety regulations. Specific individuals who will benefit from this course include the following: Rough terrain forklift operators Site safety managers Site safety engineers
Advanced Rough Terrain Forklift For Construction

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Advanced Rough Terrain Forklift For Construction

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