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Conducting Tailgate Meetings For Supervisors And Managers For Construction

This course covers basic guidelines and methods employed to develop, implement and conduct a tailgate safety meeting principally in the construction and construction related industries. This training references applicable OSHA requirements and other pertinent information. Upon completion the student should know: What a tailgate meeting is; why tailgates are necessary; what makes for a good tailgate meeting; how to identify traits that good trainers need; the six specific steps to effective tailgate meetings. Estimated length: 35 minutes. Intended for all those employees, foremen, supervisors, managers and safety officers who have the opportunity to develop, implement and/or conduct tailgate training sessions.

Include: Certificate of Completion
Duration: 0 hours and 40 minutes
Languages: English
Level: Certificate

When working in construction, safety must be a top priority. Construction jobs can involve working with electricity, plumbing, or even heavy machinery, posing the potential for serious on-the-job accidents. Tailgate meetings help keep safety top of mind by providing an open forum for hazard identification and prevention education, worker training, and more. Best of all, these sessions can be tailored to the needs of individual teams. In Conducting Tailgate Meetings for Supervisors and Managers for Construction, participants receive essential training on tailgate meeting including how to organize, conduct, and make the most of these sessions, ensuring everyone has the tools needed to stay safe. By conducting a successful tailgate training and/or safety meeting, members of the construction field can help reduce workplace injuries, promote health and safety hazard awareness, and educate about the proper use of equipment. To provide this training, our course addresses: Meeting preparation Determining team needs Conducting a tailgate meeting according to industry best practices, multilingual requirements, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) General Duty Clause Identifying potential trainers Post-meeting evaluation and follow-up How to improve preexisting training methods and meeting content

Who Needs Conducting Tailgate Meetings For Supervisors And Managers For Construction?

Conducting Tailgate Meetings for Supervisors and Managers for Construction is designed for members of the construction field, including: Construction managers Construction foremen Construction supervisors Safety officers
Conducting Tailgate Meetings For Supervisors And Managers For Construction

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