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Health And Safety Leadership For Supervisors And Managers For Construction

This course, consisting of five modules, is intended to review health and safety leadership issues specific for construction. It is designed for Construction company management and superintendents, foreman, subcontractor management, construction managers and others with leadership responsibility with respect to nearly all construction related operations. This course includes 12 topics covering: Basics of leadership, Motivation/communication, Positive safety culture, Conducting safety meetings, Liabilities of superintendents/foremen, Identification of hazards, Mitigation of hazards, Specific safety issues for construction, Accident investigation, Resources for health and safety, The five modules are entitled Basics of Leadership, Identification of Hazards, Specific Safety Issues, Accident Investigation, and Conclusion.

Include: Certificate of Completion
Duration: 4 Hours
Language: English
Level: Certificate

Team-based work is an essential element of the construction field, making effective leadership just as necessary. To be a team leader, foreman, supervisor, and more all need to be good communicators, positive motivators, and promoters of a strong safety culture. In our online Health and Safety Leadership for Supervisors and Managers for Construction course, participants will receive all of this health and safety leadership training and more. This advanced-level course is designed to teach a variety of skills related to health and safety leadership. Over four hours, you’ll learn about the following topics: Basic leadership skills, including communication and motivation Developing a positive safety culture Conducting safety meetings Accident investigation Supervisor and foreman liability Hazard identification and mitigation Struck-by hazards

Who Needs Health And Safety Leadership For Supervisors And Managers For Construction?

This course is intended for team leaders in the construction industry, including the following: Foremen Supervisors Superintendents Subcontractor managers Managers Any other construction worker in a leadership roleonducting Tailgate Meetings for Supervisors and Managers for Construction is designed for members of the construction field, including: Construction managers Construction foremen Construction supervisors Safety officers
Health And Safety Leadership For Supervisors And Managers For Construction

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Health And Safety Leadership For Supervisors And Managers For Construction

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