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Jobsite Safety Orientation For Construction

This course is meant to introduce a variety of critical topics about general construction work, with an emphasis on the new employee. This course is meant to familiarise students with fundamental construction concerns and to serve as a guide for contractors and subcontractors as they teach new personnel on general safety procedures. PPE, Hazard Communication, Fatality Prevention (OSHA Focus Four), General Construction Hazards, and accident/incident reporting are among the topics covered. Around 60 minutes.

Include: Certificate of Completion
Duration: 1 Hours
Language: English
Level: Intermediate

Due to the presence of equipment, vehicles, and common job site hazards, safety training for construction workers is especially important. To ensure that all employees at your business are aware of safety best practices and the importance of adhering to OSHA standards, OSHA Education School offers the Job Site Safety Orientation for Construction Course. With a comprehensive review of important topics in job site safety, course participants will be better prepared to follow safety guidelines, avoid hazards, report accidents, and more. During the course, students will learn about a wide range of important workplace safety topics for the construction industry, including: The importance of job site safety Seven personal protective equipment (PPE) basics Hazard Communication (HazCom) protocols OSHA’s Focus Four fatality hazards for construction (electrical, fall, struck-by, and caught-between hazards) How to report accidents/incidents The importance of reporting Recognition and control of job site hazards Upon completion of the course, students will understand basic construction hazards and the importance of following all safety policies and procedures while on the job.

Who Needs Jobsite Safety Orientation For Construction?

This intermediate-level online course is appropriate for anyone who works on construction sites, including construction workers and foremen, supervisors, and other managers.
Jobsite Safety Orientation For Construction

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Jobsite Safety Orientation For Construction

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