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Mold, OSHA Position For Construction

Mold may grow almost everywhere and is particularly prevalent in locations with leaks or pockets of dampness. Individuals may have runny noses, red eyes, asthma attacks, skin irritation, and other health problems as a result of direct contact with mould or inhaling airborne spores. While these symptoms are frequently minor, prolonged exposure to some forms of mould can result in serious disease or death. To safeguard employees from the hazards of mould, OSHA has created rules within its General Duty Clause that compel employers to adhere to hazard-specific health and safety requirements. Mold, OSHA's Position for Construction is an online course that analyses OSHA regulations for keeping a mold-free workplace and safe work practises for preventing exposure. Students will discover why mould is deemed dangerous and how to avoid and remove it during the Mold, OSHA's Position for Construction course.

Include: DOL card, Certificate of Completion
Duration: 0 hours and 50 minutes
Languages: English
Level: Intermediate

Mold can grow anywhere and is especially common in areas where leaks are found or moisture collects. After physical contact with mold or breathing airborne spores, individuals may experience runny noses, red eyes, asthma attacks, skin irritation, and other health effects. Yet while these symptoms are often mild, exposure to some types of mold, or long-term exposure may lead to serious illness or death. To protect workers from the dangers associated with mold, OSHA has established guidelines within its General Duty Clause that require employers to comply with hazard-specific health and safety standards. The online Mold, OSHA's Position for Construction course from OSHA Education School examines OSHA standards for maintaining a mold-free environment and safe work practices for avoiding exposure. During the Mold, OSHA's Position for Construction course, students will learn more about why mold is considered hazardous and how to prevent and remove it, including: Identifying mold Important facts about mold Mold prevention and remediation plans Common health effects of mold exposure Personal protective equipment (PPE) Mold sampling Course materials also include a mold resource list to help business owners find professional help for mold infiltrations in the workplace.

Who Needs Mold, OSHA Position For Construction?

This intermediate-level online course is designed for all contractors and other professionals who provide mold and moisture remediation services, including construction contractors, supervisors, and employees, environmental consultants, and health and safety professionals. Additionally, it may be taken by anyone who needs more information about mold hazards and relevant OSHA training.
Mold, OSHA Position For Construction

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