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NYC SST-302 2-Hour Drugs And Alcohol Awareness For Construction

The use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace creates a dangerous scenario not only for employees who struggle with substance addiction, but also for their coworkers and management. Our 2-hour NYC SST-302 Drugs and Alcohol Awareness for Construction course teaches learners how to recognize symptoms of workplace drug and alcohol misuse, how to manage these concerns, and workplace preventive methods. Additionally, this course includes voice authentication (VA) proctoring to satisfy the requirements of NYC Local Law 196 for Drug and Alcohol Awareness training.

Include: Certificate of Completion
Duration: 2 hours and 0 minutes
Languages: English & (Haga clic aquí para el idioma español)

Level: Intermediate

Drug and alcohol use in the workplace creates a dangerous situation not just for employees struggling with substance abuse, but for their coworkers and management as well. Our NYC SST-302 2-Hour Drugs and Alcohol Awareness for Construction course prepares participants to better understand signs of drug and alcohol abuse at work, how to address these issues, and workplace strategies for prevention. This course also offers voice authentication (VA) proctoring to meet NYC Local Law 196 requirements for Drugs and Alcohol Awareness training. NYC DOB Provider ID Number: 4T75 This NYC SST-302 2-Hour drugs and alcohol awareness course for construction addresses a wide range of important topics in drug and alcohol abuse awareness, including: Drug and alcohol use in the construction industry Adverse effects of drugs and alcohol Problems caused by substance dependency Substance use disorders (SUDs) Recognition, avoidance, and prevention Commonly used drugs Alcohol The science of addiction Drug and alcohol abuse prevention and control Adverse synergistic effects Impact of chemical dependency on the lives of coworkers, family members, and others Ways to avoid the influence of drugs and alcohol while working

Who Needs NYC SST-302 2-Hour Drugs And Alcohol Awareness For Construction?

This online safety course is based on the New York City Local Law 196 of 2017 course requirements for 2 Hours of Drugs and Alcohol Awareness training for individuals applying for a Site Safety Training (SST) Card. Eligible participants include: Construction and demolition workers Superintendents Site safety coordinators and managers Competent persons Journey persons Forepersons

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