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SDS And HAZCOM Awareness For Manufacturing

The SDS and HAZCOM Awareness course is an introduction level online training course intended for manufacturing workers to familiarize themselves with the basic concepts of OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard (HCS). Chemicals are sometimes required in manufacturing processes for production, cooling, lubricating, and cleaning. As a result, it is critical to understand how to operate safely with chemicals in a manufacturing setting. Proper categorization, labelling, and documenting in Safety Data Sheets serve as the foundation for this (SDS). Additionally, participants may anticipate being exposed to the needs of a Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) program.

Include: Certificate of Completion
Duration: and 30 Minutes
Language: English
Level: Introductory

The SDS and HAZCOM Awareness course from OSHA Education School is a 60-minute introductory level online training designed for Manufacturing employees to learn the fundamentals of OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard (HCS). Manufacturing processes sometimes require chemicals for production, cooling, lubrication, and cleaning. Because of this, it is important to know how to work safely around chemicals in a Manufacturing environment. The basis of this is proper classification, labeling, and documentation in Safety Data Sheets (SDS). Participants can also expect to cover the requirements of a Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) program. OSHA Education School’s SDS and HAZCOM Awareness course is designed to teach Manufacturing employees how to recognize hazards and understand the training requirements for safe work practices around chemicals. Specific course topics include the following: A summary of typical manufacturing environments An overview of OSHA’s HCS and general requirements Employer responsibilities under the HCS Requirements for a chemical inventory and SDSs Requirements for proper workplace labeling Information about alternative labels, unlabeled containers, and Department of Transportation (DOT) shipping containers Basic training requirements for working with hazardous chemicals, plus 14 additional training elements Understanding Pictograms and their hazard associations Your right to know and understand the hazardous chemicals you work with Common best practices for safety when working with hazardous chemicals A description of the NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards Mobile Application (NPG) Links to nine additional resources for information and assistance  Knowledge checks to measure your understanding

Who Needs SDS And HAZCOM Awareness For Manufacturing?

The SDS and HAZCOM Awareness course from OSHA Education School is designed for all levels of employment within the Manufacturing industry. Individuals who may specifically benefit from this training include the following: Manufacturing workers Manufacturing managers Manufacturing supervisors
SDS And HAZCOM Awareness For Manufacturing

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SDS And HAZCOM Awareness For Manufacturing

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