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Suspicious Mail, Anthrax And Other Concerns

This training course will discuss basic information on how to identify and handle suspicious mail. In addition, it will discuss recommendations on dealing with these issues as described by the FBI, US Postal Service and other governmental agencies. It will also describe the identification, transmission, prevention and treatment of Anthrax.

Include: Certificate of Completion
Duration: and 30 Minutes
Language: English
Level: Certificate

The Suspicious Mail, Anthrax, and Other Concerns online safety training from OSHA Education School is an intermediate-level course covering the basic information surrounding identifying and handling suspicious mail in the workplace. Participants can expect mail safety training with relevant issues as prescribed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), U.S. Postal Service, and other related government agencies. Through anthrax safety training, participants can expect to learn how to identify and describe the material, transmission, prevention, and treatment of anthrax exposure. OSHA Education School’s Suspicious Mail, Anthrax, and Other Concerns online training provides a thorough understanding of how to identify suspicious mail and the necessary procedures one must follow to mitigate risk. Additionally, participants can expect a thorough overview of anthrax and best practices for ensuring overall site safety. Specific course topics include the following: Introduction to suspicious mail and anthrax Hazards in the mail Handling a suspicious package or letter Anthrax Transmission of anthrax Prevention and treatment of anthrax Specific industry terms covered throughout the course include the following: FBI U.S. Postal Service OSHA Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Who Needs Suspicious Mail, Anthrax And Other Concerns?

The Suspicious Mail, Anthrax, and Other Concerns online training is ideal for all those in the general industry sector who may handle packages or parcels through regular job tasks. Individuals who will specifically benefit from this course include the following: General industry workers General industry management
Suspicious Mail, Anthrax And Other Concerns

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Suspicious Mail, Anthrax And Other Concerns

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