Are you a business owner and are running a successful firm? If yes you must know that the success of your business depends upon your workers and employees. If they work hard and stay honest with you, the organization will flourish. 


What if you have the kind of work that needs your worker to work during the holidays as well? Or do you have to hire extra seasonal workers for holidays? If that's the case then you must keep the safety of your workers first and follow the OSHA holiday safety tips in mind. 


According to reports different retailers have hired around 600,000 seasonal workers during the 2020 holidays for extra work. The data shows that the demand for seasonal workers is really high during the holiday season and hence proper security and safety measures must be taken. 


If you as an employer are looking for OSHA safety guidelines for holidays

You can give this article a read and learn about some important tips you can take into consideration during the holiday season.

Top OSHA guidelines for a safe holiday season


Here are a few holiday Seasonal safety tips from OSHA that every employer must know.

Train your workers in a language they understand:


One of the very first steps towards Ensuring safety during holidays is by training the seasonal employers beforehand. In order to make your workers and management aware of the safety hazards and how they can manage and avoid accidents during the holidays you have to arrange a training session beforehand. 


This session can be very crucial and all the new hires and even the old ones should attend them. The session can be based on points related to workplace safety during holidays including, accident management, mishap reporting, how to avoid accidents, and how to save others from mishaps. 


As per Osha, these training sessions must be arranged in a language that is understandable for all. If you have workers from mixed ethnicities and languages make sure everyone gets the information in a language that they can fully understand. 

Familiarize the new workers with equipment use and safety:


Most of the mishaps and injuries at the workplace occur due to improper use or the malfunctioning of the equipment. Around 196,140 injuries were reported in 2020 caused to workers due to contact with equipment at the workplace. Therefore it is very important for employers to train seasonal workers in equipment use and safety. 


The workers should be trained in how they can use the workplace equipment safely and what dangerous signs they should look for. Every employee should know when should report the malfunctioning equipment and how to handle any accidental situation. Using the equipment safely can ensure the safety of your workers during the holiday season.

Ask them to follow the proper dress code:

We all know that the holiday season is the time when everyone wants to enjoy and dress in beautiful stores. However workplace has its own protocols for dressing as uncomfortable clothes can not be worn at your workplace. As per OSHA Holiday safety measures the delivery workers and the workers at the warehouse should wear bright clothing.

Manage workplace stress:


Stress management at work is very important regardless of the time of the year as stress can impact the working of employees. According to APA, 38% of workers feel stressed during the holidays which can affect their productivity and focus during working hours. 


Being away from family and loved ones on holidays can create stress among workers. Therefore it is important to make workers feel safe and stress-free at work during the holiday times.


Stress can be managed with proper training where seasonal workers can be assured that they are safe and they do not have to worry about anything else at work. 

Moreover, you can create an atmosphere of a holiday at work so that workers can feel at home and not feel left out and sad.

Workplace Decoration Safety:


As already discussed, creating a vibe of holidays at the workplace can be crucial as workers can feel sad if they are away from their loved ones during the holidays. The employer can create a vibe of holidays by decorating the workplace. 

However, the decorations should be safe and should not pose any danger to the safety of the workers. As per OSHA festive season safety tips employers should ensure Safe workplace decorations and all the decorations related to lightning should be checked beforehand to avoid short-circuits. Moreover, employees should be trained in case any accident happens due to the workplace decoration items.

Create a detailed and practical staffing plan


The holiday season can be hectic for both employees and the owners as these days bear all the load. This increase in workload can create a very stressful environment for the workers and can affect their work quality. 


To avoid this stressful work environment it is very important to create a detailed and practical staffing plan. Staffing plan can include the following points for Ensuring safety during holidays:


  • A careful estimate should be made about the number of employees you need and the workload that you will be receiving during the holidays
  • Evaluate your workload and try to hire an appropriate number of seasonal workers to avoid any inconvenience for the workers
  • If your workload seems extremely high try to go slow and keep some workload for when the workers will return after the holidays
  • Make sure you have backup staff in case you need more employees or you face any unfortunate situation

Prepare your emergency plan for larger crowds:


We all know that crowds can go insane during the holiday season as people go shopping and eat outside. During such crowded hours, you may face a shortage of hands as the crowd may exceed your expectations. 

For such situations, you should already prepare your emergency plan and train the employees. In addition, accidents can happen when the crowds are big so try to follow all the safety protocols provided by Osha which ensure Employee safety during holidays.


Encourage Workers to Report Safety and Health Concerns

Creating a culture where workers feel comfortable reporting safety and health concerns is essential for maintaining a safe workplace. This proactive approach helps identify and address potential hazards before they lead to accidents or injuries. 

Here’s how to implement this tip effectively. As per Osha holiday safety tips, the employees can be encouraged to report their concerns in many ways including:


  • Foster Open Communication: Employers should create an environment where employees feel safe and supported in reporting safety concerns. This can be achieved by establishing open lines of communication and ensuring that all reports are taken seriously and addressed promptly.
  • Anonymous Reporting Systems: Providing anonymous reporting options can encourage workers to voice concerns without fear of retaliation. This can include suggestion boxes or digital platforms where employees can submit concerns confidentially.
  • Regular Training and Reminders: Conduct regular training sessions to educate employees about the importance of reporting hazards and how to do so. Reminders about reporting procedures should be included in meetings, newsletters, and workplace signage.
  • Recognition and Reward Programs: Recognize and reward employees who actively participate in safety programs and report hazards. This not only motivates others to follow suit but also reinforces the importance of workplace safety.

Educate employees on Warehousing, distribution, and delivery hazards

Avoiding warehousing, distribution, and delivery hazards during the holidays requires diligent planning and adherence to robust safety protocols. During this busy period, enhancing safety training is crucial. Employees should receive refresher courses focused on the specific risks heightened by the holiday rush, such as proper lifting techniques, safe operation of forklifts, and awareness of increased pedestrian traffic in warehousing areas.

Keeping aisles and walkways clear of obstructions is also critical. With increased inventory during the holidays, there is a tendency for spaces to become cluttered, posing tripping hazards and obstructing quick emergency evacuations. 


Encouraging ergonomic practices helps prevent repetitive strain injuries. This includes instructing employees on proper lifting techniques and providing ergonomic tools and workstations to minimize physical strain.



To sum up, holidays are the days when everyone should be happy and you can keep your employees happy and safe if you follow the above-mentioned Osha holiday safety tips.