The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a federal agency under the United States Department of Labor. It is responsible for the health and safety of 130 million workers, ensuring that American workers are safe and work in healthy environments.

Their skilled team plans their interventions and strategies based on scientific discoveries and technology to ensure the safety of your employees. Their highly qualified professionals offer your employees persuasive and well-executed demonstrations that are practically doable. 

OSHA Training Programs 

OSHA doesn’t provide safety training directly to workers. Instead, it has designed an outreach training program, where other institutes teach its standards. The OSHA-approved education centers have courses for industries such as construction, maritime, agriculture, and general industry. The term “General Industries'' is used to refer to all the other industries except for maritime, agriculture, and construction.

Their training programs you can start through OSHA training online login option are meticulously designed and organized to address every facet of the workplace.These fall into two categories:

OSHA 10 and 30-Hour Training Courses

These training courses are specially designed by education centers of OSHA to meet the needs of employees. They receive training about safety rules and regulations and handle emergencies efficiently. 

OSHA 10-Hour Training 

It is an introductory course that educates employees about the basic safety standards they must meet while working in an organization. These courses are mandatory for all employees. Workers can use the OSHA 10 login option to start this course. 

Trainees who enroll in our OSHA 10 Education Center receive basic training on how to handle workplace hazards. This course aims to educate your employees on the fundamental operations carried out at a site. It gives them a basic understanding of the potential hazards that can occur in a workplace. 

This OSHA education training teaches employees to recognize hazardous indications and take appropriate action to prevent accidents.

OSHA Online 30-Hour Training 


This is a more comprehensive version of the OSHA online 10-Hour training course. These courses are not mandatory for workers starting their career in manual labor. However, enrolling in our OSHA 30 education center through the OSHA login option will increase your chances of reaching managerial positions. This extensive course provides detailed training to your employees with significant responsibilities, such as supervisors and superintendents. 

Online Courses 


OSHA online education has made learning accessible. OSHAEducationSchool now offers online courses for those who live in distant areas. Your employees can avail of these courses from anywhere and anytime they like. Both OSHA 10 and 30-Hour are now available online as well. After completing the program with the OSHA’s education center login option, you will receive a DOL card and completion certificate.


You can use the DOL card and certificate for various purposes. The card and certificate serve as evidence to multiple organizations that you completed a safety course and know all about workplace safety guidelines. They will also benefit you, as it is the requirement of some companies where OSHA courses are mandatory for employees. 

Most of the OSHA online courses are available in English and Spanish by different centers of training to overcome the language barriers.  

In addition to your main course, offers TWO FREE COURSES you can choose from with every purchase. The free courses include Active Shooter Response Training and Human Trafficking

How To Sign up With OSHA Education School

It is very easy to sign up for OSHA Education Courses. Follow the instructions below:


1. Go to


OSHA Education Login


2. You will find a list of the best-selling courses.


OSHA courses


3. If you already have an account, simply login the OSHA education platform.


Login to OSHA Education School


4. If not, choose the course you are interested in, and hit Enroll Now.


Enroll in OSHA 30

5. Specify who you are purchasing the course for.


Purchase OSHA course


6. Next, fill in the customer information.


OSHA customer information


7. After Customer Information, you will have to fill in Contact Information


OSHA customer contact details


8. After that, provide your Card Information and pay the fees for your course.


OSHA payment info


9. Once the payment gets processed, you will be notified of your expected delivery date.

Learning Outcomes 


  • Identification of risks 

It provides in-depth hazard identification techniques for each industry. After taking these online courses, your employees will be effectively able to identify hazards at the workplace related to scaffolds and heavy machinery like forklifts. While there is no forklift certification by centers of OSHA education, both 10-hour and 30-hour courses cover this hazard. Through OSHA training school login option, you can become proficient in averting disastrous scenarios. 


  • Hazard Prevention and Control


The online program that trainees can access through OSHA login button provides in-depth knowledge on preventing and controlling workplace hazards. The prevention strategies are customized to the needs of your employees and the company’s requirements.


  • Compliance Requirements

If your employees complete their OSHA online educational courses, they will be able to meet the requirements that are essential for a safe workplace environment. 



Understanding The OSHA 30 Education Center

While OSHA 30 courses can be conducted on campus, completing this course online provides a wide range of benefits. By simply using the OSHA login option, trainees can earn themselves course completion certificates and then plastic DOL cards. 

The OSHA online training login button starts a self-paced training that can be approached at their convenience. This creates a learning experience that is flexible and tailored to the needs of the trainee. When you begin the training using OSHA 30 login option, you go on a journey that’s

Why Choose


  • Affordable 

The courses provided by OSHA's learning centers have different prices. However, ours are extremely affordable. Your employees will get the best training programmes to enhance their performance. It is a great deal when you’re getting so many pros in such an economical package. 


  • Multiple Options 

OSHAEducationSchool offers a variety of training options to choose from. They are not restricted to one specific sector. It offers four categories, which are General Industry, Construction, Maritime, and Agriculture. These categories further have divisions. You can get tailored courses from OSHA's training centers that align with your specific industry. 


  • Flexible 


OSHAEducationSchool is highly flexible. After enrolling for an online course through OSHA login, you will have six months to complete the course at your own pace.


  • Multiple Payment Options 

OSHAEducationSchool offers multiple payment options to purchase a course online. You can purchase and pay through your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB card. Trainees can also pay in four installments through the BNPL method, which eliminates the need of any OSHA education promo code. 


  • Customer Service 

OSHAEducationSchool also provides excellent customer service to its customers, helps them with their inquiries, and provides top-tier assistance.

Discount Offers 

OSHAEducationSchool has made learning flexible and convenient for you. Besides being holistic and effective, these online courses are affordable. You can purchase them at discounted prices. Our construction education center
offers these courses at unbelievably low prices. Purchase your OSHA 30-Hour course for just $129 and your 10-Hour course for just $55